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Quick and accurate steps towards a customised gas cooler

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Electric Gas Coolers

Peltier coolers for ambient temperatures up to 50°C. Compressor gas coolers with different performance ratings with up to 4 gas paths. Atex approved electric gas coolers.


Condensate Drain

Peristaltic pumps for integration or with housing. Various glass condensate vessels. Automatic condensate drains.


Moisture Detectors

Fast reacting moisture detectors. Very sensitive. Controllers for explosive areas.



Precoolers for sample gases with high moisture content to be installed upstream of the actual sample gas cooler. Low maintenance. Integrated peristaltic pump.


Water Coolers

Stainless steel or PVDF. Inlet temperature up to 160°C.

Dr. Claus-Peter Jellen
Product Manager Gas Conditioning

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Inside Sales Support

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Junior Product Manager Gas Conditioning

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