Felix Flying…

Congratulations to Felix Ehrlich, the winner of the annual youth sport flying contest NRW 2017.

Felix, born 1996, is member of the Aero- Club Ratingen (ACR) and is currently studying Business Administration in Aberdeen, Scotland. Due to this occupation, there is only the semester break left for Felix to participate in such a contest besides his regular duties with the club‘s activities. Therefore, reaching the first place in the contest by approaching 18 different destinations within the 2017 season is quite an achievement.

Felix has obtained his glider licence (SPL) first followed by the touring motor glider (TMG)permit. These ratings allowed him to carry passenger, quite a relief to his student budged.

The target of this contest is to visit as many airstrips/ airports within North Rhine Westphalia within a given time frame. This requires the young pilots to carefully prepare the flight plan, whilst performing precise approach and take- off as well as maintaining professional radio communication in German and English in particular if commercial airports like Dortmund, Paderborn/ Lippstadt or Münster/ Osnabrück are the destinations. A real challenge is to approach several airports on the same day, especially if there are only a few minutes of flight time between two destinations.

Felix conducted all his flights with the club owned Super Dimona Type HK 36R. Like other aircraft and equipment of the ACR ‚Tango Charlie‘ (D-KGTC) carries the Bühler Technologies logo on the tail fin and therefore, Felix has not only won a challenge but also made some publicity and helped spread our name around the country. Again Felix, congratulations, thank you and always happy landings!

Winner of the annual youth sport flying contest NRW 2017