Back at the Dakar rally in 2020 with Sebastian Bühler

In January we first turn our attention to Saudi Arabia. After all, Sebastian Bühler once again qualified for the Dakar rally, wearing Bühler Technologies as the sponsor through the vast desert at high speeds.

With the tailwind of wonderful successes last year and qualifying, Sebastian Bühler is now heading off to the DAKAR 2020 rally with lots of ambition. The rally starts on 5th January. This time as company driver for the well-known German/Indian motorsports team "Hero Motorsport". Among others, he will be on a team with Paulo Goncalves, who experts have been saying for years is one of the strongest pilots at the Dakar rally so that a quick learning curve is certain.

The route from Jeddah to Qiddiyatakes of the 2020 Dakar rally takes Sebastian Bühler and the over 150 qualified motorcycle drivers all over the Islamic desert country between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf on 12 day stages. Learn more on the route and background of the 2020 Dakar on this website.

As a rookie and private driver, motorsports enthusiast Sebastian Bühler already had a good reason to rejoice in 2019, when he qualified for last year’s "2019 Dakar" in Peru. With a "let’s go whole hog" attitude, the now 25 year old wasn’t going to just do with participating and crossed the finish line in 20th place in Peru. A result which is all the more important, as it also made him the third best "rookie" at the 2019 Dakar rally. And he also climbed the podium at last year’s "Panafrica" rally.

As fans and sponsor we’re very excited for Sebastian Bühler and not only wish him the best for the race, but also to cross the finish line in one piece.