IO-Link capable temperature sensor for fluid technology

Hydraulic and lubricating oils change their viscosity depending on the temperature. For this reason, precise monitoring of the selected temperature window is an important function for the operation of fluid-technical systems. In modern, communicative control processes, the binary setting of a maximum temperature is therefore no longer sufficient.

What is required is the continuously available "actual temperature" in the oil tank as an average value and possibly at other critical points in the system.

The IO-Link-capable temperature sensor of the TF series is the perfect solution for this demanding task. The open parameterization option via IO-Link opens up the possibility for planners and operators to standardize the sensor immersion lengths and thus supports factory standardization with positive consequences for procurement and spare parts supply.

The TF Sensor is suitable for all fluid technology applications that do not require on-site display of the "actual temperature" and/or can be combined with other functions such as level measurement. The sensor head consists of a hexagon with wrench size SW36 and has a G ½ BSP connection thread with chambered elastic sealing ring. The temperature sensor TF is available in brass or stainless steel.

The electrical connection is made via an M12 plug socket.


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Io-Link sensors for temperature in hydraulic systems