IO-LINK sensor TF measures the ACTUAL temperature

We are pleased about the recognition of our IO-LINK-capable temperature sensor in the special edition "Best Products" of the journal PRODUKTION.

The high degree of innovation of Bühler Technologies products continues to attract attention. This is also the case with the editorial team of the well-known specialist magazine “Produktion” from the renowned “Verlag moderne industrie”. In the “Automation” topic, the special edition “Best Products (3/2021, page 28) honors the IO-LINK-capable TF temperature sensor from Bühler Technologies.


What makes the temperature sensor with IO-LINK special?

The IO-LINK sensor of the TF series not only controls the maximum temperature of a hydraulic and lubricating oil, but also shows the continuous ACTUAL temperature in the oil tank as an average value. A small difference with a big impact. Because the viscosity of an oil changes with its operating temperature - an important parameter. That is why careful temperature monitoring and stabilization, as enabled by the IO-LINK Sensor TF, is very valuable. The use of the sensor often improves the service life of the oils and makes the overall process more efficient, for example when it comes to the supply of spare parts.

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