New: Dosing Unit EMIDos minimises washout

An innovation once again has Bühler Technologies meeting the highest standards in emission analysis.

Many are familiar with the problem: In extractive analysis of process and flue gases, reliable and constant reduction of sample gas humidity is essential. But the solution to reduce humidity with cooling reduces the concentration of water-soluble gas components (such as SO2).

The Dosing Unit EMIDos is supporting you in minimising this washout. A premixed acid is feed into the heat exchanger at a constant rate to saturate the excreted water content. A metal bracket allows wall-mounting the complete unit. The modified cover makes the acid container, sold by Bühler, easy to connect. The specifically designed connecting adapter on the dosing pump and the heat exchangers ensure the feed time of the acid in the dosing line is low. A capacitive sensor to monitor the acid level completes the concept the Bühler Technologies engineers had in mind.

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