Contamination indicator BCI 24-Dx

  • Continuous pressure drop measurement
  • 2 fixed switching outputs for 75 % and 100 % contamination level
  • IO-Link version with 1 x programmable switching output
  • 4-20 mA output for pressure drop
  • Connecting flange compatible with third-party products G1/2 Hydac, G1/2 Stauff, M20x1.5 Filtration Group, M20x1.5 Bosch Rexroth, G1/2 MP-Filtri or G1/2 Eaton

The BCI 24-Dx monitors the pressure difference in in-line filters and technically corresponds to a microprocessorcontrolled pressure sensor with 2 switching outputs for advance warning (filter element nearly depleted) and cut-out (filter element full). At the same time the current pressure drop is output via 4-20 mA interface. The BCI 24-Dx is alternatively available in a more affordable version, only available with IO-Link interface.

Filtration is an important component of condition monitoring in hydraulic and lubrication systems. Predictive filter maintenance, however, is only possible if monitoring the remaining life of the filter elements is indicated in a way so replacements do not cause unplanned downtimes. The BCI series uses various electric signals whilst simultaneously suppressing viscosity-related effects for particularly efficient filter capacity use.

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