Nivotemp NT 67-XP

Level and temperature switch with display NT 67-XP.

The new standard for level and temperature monitoring.

All switch points can be programmed from the outside

  • easy to read LED display with status indication
  • Connecting flange as per DIN 24557 T2
  • 4 programmable switching outputs optionally assignable as level or temperature signal 
  • Alternatively, 2 programmable analogue outputs + 2 programmable switching outputs
  • Characteristics of switching outputs configurable as window or hysteresis
  • two switching outputs configurable as frequency output (1-100 Hz)
  • Min/max memory, logbook function
  • 2xM12 plug base 4-pin

In hydraulics and lubrication technology the liquid level of oil tanks must be monitored continuously. In the process, modern factory automation requires the provision of compatible signals. Despite central system control, visualising the current level on the actual tanks is often desired.

To minimise production costs and the space required on tanks, it makes sense to use one monitoring device for both the monitoring of the liquid level and oil temperature for example. The Nivotemp XP series meets virtually all requirements arising in this area of application.

The NT 67-XP model has the most flexible range of applications in this series for level and temperature monitoring, with standard analogue outputs, programmable switching or frequency outputs for the fill level or oil temperature inside the tank. The interface for the tank is DIN 24557 T 2 standardised.