Level switch NS-OM-64-EasyJust

  • Visual and electrical liquid level monitoring
  • Adjustable switching contacts for a max. of 24 V
  • Easy Just System: User-friendly adjustment of the position and function of the level contacts
  • Fixed lengths of 280, 370, 500 mm

In some applications for the monitoring of liquid levels in oil tanks, a visual display of the tank level is required in addition to the output of electrical signals. Depending on the application and design of the tank, merely the tank top can be used to install the monitoring devices and more often than not, only with limited available space for installation.

The NS-OM series adapts to these installation conditions in an ideal manner. With a tank interface as per DIN 24 557 T2, a scale, which is easy to read across the entire measurement range, is combined with the advantages of a diverse electrical signal connection within the smallest space.

The NS OM 64 “easyjust” model offers up to four adjustable, wireless bistable level contacts with fixed lengths of 280, 370 and 500 mm / 11, 14.6, 19.7".