Off-line filter / cooler unit FGSL

  • Oil / air cooler with pump and filter
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low noise emission gerotor pump
  • Filter with contamination indicator

Off-line cooler with installed filter housing. Filter elements suitable for the respective application.

Coolers are used to stabilise the operating temperature in hydraulic and lubrication systems. This can be implemented particularly cost-efficiently by integrating the cooler in a bypass circuit. The required cooler size can be calculated much more accurately if the flow rate and cooling capacity specifications are definite.

At the same time, the bypass circuit can also be used to integrate the working filter. The stable recirculated volumes and low system pressure allow the use of less expensive filter housings. Another advantage is easier maintenance. The filter element can be replaced without shutting down the entire system.

The compact design of Bühler FGSL off-line filter units meet the requirements in application quite well and can also easily be retrofit in existing systems.