Oil/air coolers ENK series

  • High cooling capacities
  • Compact design
  • System-compatible cooling matrix/flow rate ratio
  • Low noise emission
  • Rugged cooling matrix
  • Efficient high suction pump

Temperature is one of the key parameters in oil-hydraulic systems. Oils change their viscosity with the temperature, resulting in different lubricating and adhesion properties. A carefully selected temperature level can also significantly extend the life of the oils.

In return condensers the temporary oil flow causes the cooling capacity to fluctuate. To prevent this effect, a bypass cooler consisting of oil/air cooler with built-in circulating pump is advisable. These combinations ensure a stable oil flow and constant cooling.
The ENK series is characterised by efficient cooling matrices made from high-strength aluminium as well as a compact, simple and affordable design. These are equipped with energy-efficient drive motors combined with sturdy gerotor pumps.

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Ivica Kruljac
Internal Sales & Application Manager (FC)

Jan-Philipp Korstian
Internal Sales & Application Manager (FC)