Oil moisture sensor BCM

  • No calibration dependent on respective oil chemistry required
  • Up to 50 bar / 5076 psi pressure resistance
  • Continuously logs the relative humidity as well as temperature
  • Reliable measuring system

Water or moisture is just as much an undesired parameter in hydraulic and lubrication systems as particles and air and can cause significant system damage. The Bühler Condition Monitoring Water Sensor (BCM-W) was designed specifically to continuously monitor the water content of oil whilst also measuring the temperature.

The capacitive operating principle ensures reliable information on the saturation level of the respective oil regardless of the water absorption capacity. The BCM-W product line has a variety of functions. Starting with a pure sensor with switching and 4-20 mA output all the way to digital communication in the form of IO link, it covers all parameters. The model with a display allows installing the display directly on the sensor or externally.