Particle monitor BDA 02 EX

  • Device made in Germany
  • Robust, low-maintenance technology
  • Easyjust installation kit for easy installation
  • German / English menu navigation
  • Automatic service notification
  • Zero point and range monitoring
  • Calibratable (mg/Nm3)
  • Visual filter condition diagnosis on site
  • 2.5" graphics display
  • Low operating costs / high energy efficiency (3 W)
  • Ex Zone 2 / 22

In many production and thermal processes the process- or exhaust air also contain dust particles of various sizes. To ensure this dust does not enter the environment unchecked, they are separated or retained using suitable filter systems.

Whilst in e.g. manufacturing powdered milk, plastics, soot and fertilisers this primarily means recovering valuable substances, in steel production, the wood industry, in foundries, crematoriums and in the cement industry as well as plasterboard product, just to name some of the possible applications, the focus is on environmental protection.
Since the separation elements in the filter systems used wear due to more or less frequent backwashing, dust breaches or increasing particle emission often occur. In addition to ensuring operating safety in the interest of the owner, TA Luft even requires the use of certified residual dust monitoring equipment for many applications and air exhaust ducts.
The BDA 02 EX particle monitor is one version in a series for this scope of application in explosive areas.