Portable sample gas conditioning AMS

  • Particularly suited for sample measurement in emissions monitoring
  • Low wash out effects of water-soluble gas components
  • Suitable for measurements to EN 15267-4
  • Adjustable outlet dew point and alarm thresholds
  • Cooling system TC-Kit with nominal capacity 110 kJ/h
  • Optional moisture detector, sample gas pump, flow meter, bypass
  • Optimal for Smartline heated line or alternative heated lines
  • Optionally available with built-in controller up to max. 1600 W
  • IP 42 rated housing
  • Optional temperature measurement with gas output with additional display

The sample gas cooler in the AMS features a new generation heat exchangers with a particularly low scrubbing effect of water-soluble components and are specifically suitable for measuring emissions. The AMS can therefore be used for measurements to EN 15267-4. In addition to displaying the dew point, the gas output temperature can optionally be measured and displayed.

Carrying out accurate and reliable gas analyses in changing locations requires a small, compact gas conditioning system. We developed a complete sample gas conditioning system protected inside a case for this application. The basic version of this system consists of a gas cooler with condensate pump and a filter. A gas pump, moisture detector, flow meter or temperature controller are optional. The sample gas cooler cools the sample gas to the preset dew point (factory preset +5 °C) regardless of the ambient temperature. The safety circuit only activates the sample gas pump once the cooler has reached its operating point.

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