Portable Heated Sample Tube

  • Designed to connect to Smartline
  • Compact size and light weight Temperature-controlled - setting range 60 °C - 185 °C
  • Heat-up phase indicated by status LED
  • 3 m connection cable with CEE-7/7 Euro Schuko plug
  • Calibrating gas connection sold separately
  • Threaded G3/8" connection for inlet filters or unheated sample tubes
  • Universal insulation for connecting other heating line sold separately
  • Mounting bracket with chain sold separately

In addition to stationary analysers, gas analysis for monitoring emissions also uses portable methods. The actual measuring task determines the complexity of the sampling/ analysis units. Since not all control points are easy to access, operators are interested in suitable and light equipment with a compact size. Even under this premise, extracting the sample gas must meet high standards to ensure the measurements are reliable.

The Smart Sample Tube series portable heated sample tube is ideally operated with the Smartline. Since it is heated, the Smart Sample Tube can be used for sample gases in challenging measurements and when thermal bridges occur at the sample point. The temperature can be set up to 185 °C to even safely sample gas with high acid dew points. Combining the Smart Sample Tube with the Smartline allows particle filtration near the sampling point. However, other heated lines can also be connected with universal insulation.

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Dr. Claus-Peter Jellen
Head of Internal Sales & Application Management Components for Sample Gas Conditioning (AT)

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