Stationary meter

  • Compact design
  • Steady metering pump flow rate
  • Easy to connect to heat exchanger and acid container
  • Reduces SO2 washout (complies with EN 15267)
  • Low acid line feed time
  • Acid level inside the container monitored
  • Optional: Collection pan for safe acid storage

In extractive analysis of process and flue gases, reliable and constant reduction of sample gas humidity is essential. The solution to reduce humidity due to cooling brings with it the problem of a loss in the concentration of the water-soluble sample gas component (e.g. SO2). This effect is also referred to as washout effect.

Bühler Technologies developed the stationary acid meter to minimise this washout effect. A premixed acid is fed into the heat exchanger at a constant rate to saturate the excreted water content. The entire unit can be wall-mounted with a metal bracket. The modified cover makes the acid container easy to connect. The specifically designed connecting adapter on the metering pump and the heat exchangers ensure the feed time of the acid in the dosing line is low. A capacitive sensor to monitor the acid level completes the design.