Built-In Filter AGF-FE

  • Front panel installation
  • Easy to install
  • Large filter surface
  • Easy element replacement

Especially in emission control via portal analysis systems the sample gas cannot always be extracted without particle contamination. The necessary conditioning systems must be compact and lightweight and therefore require small and light system components.
We offer special filter housings for these applications and for installation into a standard 19” rack. The AGF-FE filters screw into the front panel with sample gas connections at the back.

41150010Filter element FE-E1, material: Fibreglass, 2 µm, 5-Pack (replaces 4115001)
41150090Filter element FE-1-T, material: PTFE, 2 µm, 5-Pack (replaces 4115009)
411509910Filter element FE-E2, material: Micro-fibreglass, 8 µm, 5-Pack (replaces 41150991)

Ulrich König
Inside-Sales-Support (AT)

Dr. Claus-Peter Jellen
Head of Internal Sales & Application Management Components for Sample Gas Conditioning (AT)

Natalia Justus
Internal Sales & Application Manager (AT)