Wash bottle WF-AGF-PV-30

  • Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
  • Quick and easy washing medium changes without tools
  • Variable wall mount
  • Bubbler optional

Gas analysis is a complex field. The sample gas to be analysed must be extracted and handled under quite diverse conditions to yield representative and reliable analysis results.

There frequently is a need to remove gaseous components from the sample gas by washing these out.

The WF-AGF-PV-30 wash bottle is a product suitable for this purpose. The wash bottle is filled with water or another suitable medium to wash out interfering components.

It is made from non-corrosive PVDF and glass. The Unique quick-release fastener allows for easy medium changes. The bottom gas inlet ensures sufficient contact times.

An optional version with bubbler ensures the gas is finely dispersed in the washing medium.