Sample Gas Pump P1.1

  • Easy to replace valves
  • Single-piece bellows
  • Conveys sample gas with condensate
  • Proven pump technology
  • Attractive price
  • Requires little space
  • Mounting accessories and fittings optional
  • Housing version IP20
  • Optionally with built-in bypass valve
  • 24 V version available
  • 12 V version available upon request
  • FM C-US approval (ordinary locations) optional

Gas analysis is key for safe and efficient system operation in the chemical industry, petrochemistry or biochemistry. Many of the analysis processes used in these fields require sample gas extraction and conditioning.

4228065 Spare part set crank assembly P1.X and P1.XE
consisting of the mounted parts:
- connecting rod with ball bearing
- eccentric
- Screw DIN 915 M3x5
4228003 Bellow type 4 for P1.X and P1.XE, material: PTFE
4228006 In- or outlet valve, up to 70°C (1 pcs.) for P1.X - pump
4228066 Set In- or outlet valve, up to 70°C (2 pcs.) for P1.X and P1.XE
4228004 Pump body for P1.X(E) pump, Material: PTFE
4228020 Pump body for P1.X(E) pump, Material: PVDF
4228051 P1.x add-on kit for PVDF-V bypass-valve, consists of the assembled components:
- pumphead incl. bypass-valve (viton o-ring)
- mounting ring (subsequent assembly not possible)
- sealing for in- and outletvalve
4228022 Pump body for P1.X(E) pump Material: 1.4571
4200033 Displacer for pumphead out of stainless steel P1.X(E) pumps, material: PTFE
42280611 4 x vibration damper Set, incl. lock washer and nuts, d=10mm h=10mm, thread 1: M4x4,thread 2: M4x8
4228060 Mounting console P1.X pump, material: 1.4301
4228062 mounting set P1.X complete
- 1x mounting bracket
- set vibration damper
4228067 Mounting console P1.XE pump, material: 1.4301
4228063 mounting set P1.XE complete
- 1x mounting bracket
- set vibration damper

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