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Off-line filters/coolers

Off-line filters/coolers

The auxiliary circuits described in the chapter Off-line filtration frequently are combined with the required oil cooler. The advantage of this arrangement is that as a result of the constant flow rates in such off-line units, the required cooler size can be determined more precisely and can often be designed smaller.

  • Product Overview

    Oil/water cooling/filtering units BKF series

    • Efficient plate heat exchanger directly flange-mounted
    • Low noise emission gerotor pump
    • DIN filter elements
    • Also suitable for filling and emptying

    Combination of compact off-line filter with directly flange-mounted plate heat exchanger. Easy installation and simple replacement of the filter element.

    Off-line filter / cooler unit FGSL

    • Oil / air cooler with pump and filter
    • Easy to maintain
    • Low noise emission gerotor pump
    • Filter with contamination indicator

    Off-line cooler with installed filter housing. Filter elements suitable for the respective application.