Bühler Technologies GmbH

About Us

For more than 50 years the employees of Bühler Technologies have been developing, manufacturing and distributing components and system solutions in the „Gas Analysis“ and „Fluidcontrol“ divisions. By specialising in the market niches Gas Analysis and Hydraulics and by offering a complete range of products for each, we have succeeded to become a worldwide leader in both disciplines.


Advanced production processes, a clean environment – the challenges of the modern world are highly demanding. As a major employer in the region we are well aware of our responsibilities. This is the reason we focus on complete customer support with a specialised product range for specific applications. Our focus ranges from components to system solutions, all the way to professional service throughout the life of the product.
We will work hand in hand with you and make every effort to help you to reduce your operating costs and increase the reliability of your systems.
Put your trust in Bühler Technologies – your specialist for Gas Analysis and Fluidcontrol.


Company Headquarters:Ratingen, Germany
Number of Employees:171
Distribution:worldwide, through partner networks or direct distribution
Affiliates:USA, Rochester Hills, MI / France , Strasbourg
Sales Offices:China, Russia
Analysis Products:Sample gas probes, gas pumps, gas coolers, gas converters, accessories, gas analysers, complete systems and dust monitors
Fluidcontrol Products:Sensors for temperature, liquid level, pressure, moisture and filter monitoring, oil coolers, oil pumps and subsystems


The following highly qualified team of employees is available to assist you:

  • On-site technical consultation by our sales engineers
  • Application review by our engineers in product management
  • Effective R&D department
  • Engineering department for designing complex system solutions
  • Technical Service department

How you benefit from our range of products

  • Gas Analysis

    Our Gas Analysis products ensure specific chemical information e.g. for a production process is collected and supplied continuously, selectively and quickly. Since there is no “all-in-one” measuring system for every application with this complex task, modular components are a good compromise.

    Your Benefit

    • Reducing operating expenses   
    • Improving your competitive position
    • Increasing process reliability
    • Maximising product yield                            
    • Reducing contaminants and waste
    • Protecting the environment
    • Monitoring product quality
    • Monitoring product characteristics
    • Saving resources
    • Customised system solutions
  • Fluidcontrol

    Fluidcontrol products are compact, easy to access, and easy to service. The smart design allows the system designer of e.g. hydraulic power packs to configure a more efficient system solution. The “IO-Link” digital communication system allows the smart sensors to be connective.

    Your Benefit

    • Reducing operating expenses                
    • Improving your competitive position
    • Reducing system downtime           
    • Increasing system availability        
    • Continued and precise information about your system status
    • Multifunctional products reduce costs
    • Customised product solutions