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IO Link


IO-Link - a globally standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9) for the integration of sensors in digital communication systems with reduced engineering effort and minimal hardware requirements. The high-performance point-to-point communication is based on the long-established 3-wire sensor connection and enables simple and cost-effective cabling of devices in the field. IO-Link is therefore not a fieldbus, but a further development of the proven connection technology for sensors.

The availability of data for predictive maintenance, as well as the quick and easy device replacement are further advantages of the IO-Link sensors, which are particularly suitable for cost-efficient applications with a high degree of automation.

What advantages do IO-Link sensors offer?

  • Direct and digital communication between sensors and IO-Link master
  • Automatic device recognition through coding
  • Interfaces and unshielded cables are standardized
  • Modular machine concepts can be perfectly supported
  • Automated, simple, tool-supported parameterization through function blocks
  • Extended diagnostic function down to the field device
  • Cable break detection
  • Device-dependent diagnosis via IO-Link

Hydraulic liquid level sensors

Nivotemp NT M-L

The IO-Link capable combination sensors of the Nivotemp L series are used for cost-effective and efficient monitoring of the fill level and temperature in oil tanks in hydraulic and lubrication technology.

Nivotemp 63

IO-Link device for simultaneous continuous monitoring of fill level and oil temperature.

Nivovent NV 73

For the simultaneous continuous monitoring of liquid level and optionally with oil temperature.

Nivotemp NT M-XP

Freely programmable device for the simultaneous monitoring of liquid level and optionally with oil temperature, display and a 3/4” BSP threaded connection.

Nivotemp NT 67-XP

Freely programmable device for simultaneous monitoring of fill level and oil temperature with display. Connection flange according to DIN 24557 T2.

Liquid Level Sensor Nivovent 77-XP

Freely programmable IO-Link device for simultaneous monitoring of liquid level and oil temperature with display and qualified ventilation filter with exchangeable filter element.

Level switch NS 10/ NS 25 ...-AM (-K)

Visual / electronic level monitoring for side mounting using DIN flanges. Pressure ranges up to 10 or 25 bar. The IO-Link version is particularly suitable for continuous monitoring of the measured values, also available as a variant for 64 or 100 bar.

Transducer tube BLT

Visual/electrical liquid level monitoring for external installation using DIN flange. Pressure range up to 64 or 100 bars (943 or 1450 psi). Adjustable switching contacts up to 230 V and/or continuous analogue output 4-20 mA optional.

Temperature sensors for hydraulic fluids

Thermotronik TT-77

Combination of transmitter and display, programmable as continuous on-site or remote display. Also available as analog or frequency output or up to four switching outputs.

Temperature sensor TF with IO-Link

Robust temperature transmitter with IO-Link for monitoring the oil temperature.

Display and control unit

Anzeige- und Steuergerät Multitronik mit IO-Link

Easy to configure IO-Link multifunction device for displaying and controlling various measured variables such as level, temperature, and pressure.

Oil moisture sensor

Ölfeuchtesensor BCM mit IO-Link

With this IO-Link sensor, the relative humidity in the oil can be measured before the oil saturation point is reached and free water is formed. It is available both as a pure transmitter and with an on-site display. Operating pressure up to 50 bar.

Contamination indicator for filters

Contamination indicator BCI 24-Dx

Inexpensive IO-Link sensor for monitoring the filter condition. By continuously monitoring the filter via the IO-Link interface, reliable statements can be made about the remaining service life of the filter elements.

Pressure sensors

Pressure switches/Sensors Pressotronik series 700

Combination of transmitter and display, programmable as a continuous local or remote display with analogue or frequency output or up to four switch outputs.