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Emissions monitoring in shipping

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  • Exhaust gas cleaning on seagoing ships with heavy oil drives has been mandatory since January 1st, 2020
  • Monitoring emissions from these facilities is mandatory
  • Bühler Technologies has components certified by classification societies for these monitoring systems

The emission monitoring is structured like land-based applications and is based on the scope of the exhaust systems to be monitored.

Using a heated gas sampling probe, the measurement gas is taken from a suitable point and, in order to avoid the formation of disruptive condensate, is fed to the analysis system via a heated measurement gas line. This system is divided into two functional levels:

The first stage is the processing system. A sample gas pump is located here, which continuously conveys the gas sample from the sampling probe into the analysis system. A fine filter then removes any particles that may be present from the gas flow. In the following two-stage sample gas cooler, the sample gas is 'dried', i.e. the moisture contained in the gas is precipitated by falling below the dew point and removed by means of condensate pumps. Behind the cooler, a humidity sensor monitors the correct degree of dryness of the measuring gas, for which the correct flow rate for the analyzer located in the second stage is now regulated in an electrically monitored flow meter.

All components listed in this analysis system and / or the entire system must be tested and certified according to MEPC.259 (68) and MARPOL Annex VI.

In drive systems with several exhaust gas sources, the analysis system can also be equipped to monitor these individual sources. For this purpose, a measuring point switch is integrated in the first stage behind the measuring gas cooler. Up to three additional sample gas lines can be laid on this. For metrological and economic reasons, these sample gas lines are only partially equipped with heated lines. These lines each have their own sample gas cooler near the extraction point and only a heated line between the extraction probe and the cooler. From the cooler to the measuring point switchover, only simple gas lines are required.

There is a connection upstream of the sample gas cooler for flushing the preparation system with instrument air. The connection for applying test gas or zero gas to calibrate the analyzer is located between the two cooling stages of sample gas line one.

Build your emissions monitoring system with these certified components.

Individual components for maritime applications

  • Certified for particularly high-vibration environments
  • Type-tested for use on ships according to DNV-GL, LR


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