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The applicable national laws must be observed when disposing of the products. Disposal must not result in a danger to health and environment. The crossed out wheelie bin symbol on Bühler Technologies GmbH electrical and electronic products indicates special disposal notices within the European Union (EU).

The crossed out wheelie bin symbol indicates the electric and electronic products bearing the symbol must be disposed of separate from household waste. They must be properly disposed of as waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Bühler Technologies GmbH will gladly dispose of your device bearing this mark. Please send your device to the address below for this purpose.

We are obligated by law to protect our employees from hazards posed by contaminated devices. Therefore please understand that we can only dispose of your waste equipment if the device is free from any aggressive, corrosive or other operating fluids dangerous to health or environment. Please complete the "RMA Form and Decontamination Statement", available on our website, for every waste electrical and electronic equipment. The form must be applied to the packaging so it is visible from the outside.

RMA-Form and explanation for decontamination

Please return waste electrical and electronic equipment to the following address:

Bühler Technologies GmbH
Harkortstr. 29
40880 Ratingen

Please also observe data protection regulations and remember you are personally responsible for the returned waste equipment not bearing any personal data. Therefore please be sure to delete your personal data before returning your waste equipment.