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Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Reliable analysis results require consistent operating conditions. This also includes setting the flow rate and monitoring it accurately. As with all other assemblies in contact with the media the focus on suitable flow meters is selecting highly durable materials and easy maintenance. Inductive limit switches and suitable controllers allow the flow meter meters to be integrated into the system controls.

  • Product Overview

    Flow Meter SM-6 Controllers

    Series developed specifically for gas analysis applications. Available with or without built-in needle valve. The metering tube can be removed without tools and without removing the flow meter from the installation site. The units come ready to install, no additional installation materials required.


    • Suitable for limit switches SM-6
    • Version for non-EX areas
    • Version with intrinsically-safe input
    • ATEX, FM, UL, CSA approved

    Safety Flow Meter S-SM

    Critical applications may require a higher degree of safety for the metering tube. The S-SM flow meter was designed for these critical applications: A safety cylinder and the actual metering tube in contact with the media are housed coaxially inside a steel casing with window. This reduces the potential hazard significantly.