What does Fluidcontrol stand for?

Since the foundation of the Company in 1969, we have specialised in applications for oil hydraulics and lubrication technology with specific products and processes. By operating this business division under the heading of Fluidcontrol, we express this specific bond to the market.

Our consistent concentration on specific requirements of the OEMs as well as the end users has made us one of the leading global providers. Our innovative products with their unique logical functional density but without bells and whistles set the standards for accessories in the international market for oil hydraulics and lubrication technology.

We offer flexible, system-compatible sensors and devices with state-of-the-art output signals for liquid level, temperature and pressure monitoring as well as for filter and moisture monitoring. With the oil/water and oil/air coolers, filtering units and customer-specific subsystems, we meet today’s requirements in terms of a cost-effective and reliable operation of oil installations, even in hazardous areas.
The Bühler Fluidcontrol product line extends the service life of oil and components, provides connectivity for automated operation, facilitates condition monitoring and helps reduce operating and maintenance costs.

IO-Link Sensors

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