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Particle Monitoring

Particle Monitoring

The user-friendly BDA series particle monitors are high quality systems for monitoring dust filters and separators. Monitoring and diagnosing dust leaks makes filtration system service predictable for active filter management. Depending on the version the units can be calibrated, and the measurement can be displayed in mg/m3. Approved technology according to TA Luft. For fine dust monitoring, network-compatible compact monitors are available.

  • Product Overview

    Particle Monitor BDA 02

    • Device made in Germany
    • Robust, low-maintenance technology
    • Easyjust installation kit for easy installation
    • German / English menu navigation
    • Automatic service notification
    • Zero point and range monitoring
    • Calibratable (mg/Nm3)
    • Visual filter condition diagnosis on site
    • 2.5” graphics display
    • Suitability-tested technology complies with TA Luft
    • Low operating costs / high energy efficiency (3 W)

    Fine Dust Monitor BDA 15

    • Device made in Germany
    • Sturdy construction
    • Quiet operation
    • Active suction
    • Two sensors for long-term stability
    • Multiple BDA 15 can be connected
    • Network compatible, Wi-Fi
    • Easy to install without speciality tools
    • Low operating costs
    • Excellent price-performance ratio