Oil/water cooling/filtering units BKF series

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • DIN filter elements
  • Easy installation
  • Easy element replacement
  • Efficient plate heat exchanger

In hydraulic systems, oil transfers power and motion and in drives, it is a vital lubricant. Both as a power transfer medium and as a lubricant, oil is heated by friction losses during operation and changes its viscosity depending on the temperature.

At the same time, it is subjected to mechanical strain due to the tribological processes in the systems and takes on wear particles this causes. If these particles are not removed as quickly as possible, they will cause further abrasion and wear.
Therefore, hydraulic and lubrication systems increasingly use off-line filters with a built-in cooler. The advantage of these circuits is that they create stable and therefore, more predictable operating conditions for both filtration and cooling.
The BKF series has compact gerotor pump/filter/water cooler combinations with different capacities, including custom-made. These compact units are combined with the extremely efficient BWT series plate heat exchangers. The filter housings are suitable for DIN 24550 filter elements.

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