Gas Analysers

Our over 45 years of experience in gas analysis was used as a basis for a select line of gas analysers. The product line includes easy to maintain in-situ / “Closed-coupled extractive” analysers with ZrO2 cells and units for extractive analysis systems. Portable analysers are for example used in the food industry, completing our product range.
Our single and multi-channel analysers designed for extractive applications in process and emissions measurement can be equipped with various measuring cells. Depending on the application, paramagnetic cells, ZrO2 modules, IR banks, or electrochemical cells are integrated into our units.

Product Range

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Zirconia Oxygen Analyser BA 1LT
• Low energy consumption
• Not temperature dependent
• 4 – 20 mA output signal
• No zero drift
• High measuring accuracy
• Long life
• Versatile
• No reference gases required
• No calibration gases required
Oxygen Flue Gas Analyser BA 2000
• Flue gas O2 analyser, upstream filter standard
• Durable ZrO2 oxygen probe
• Fast response time
• Fast filter change
• Easy calibration by instrument air
Multi Component Gas Analyser BA3 select
• Up to three separate gas paths
• Graphical flow display
• 4-20 mA output signal per channel
• O2 measurement paramagnetic, ZrO2 and/or electrochemical
Oxygen Headspace Analysis BA 4000 Injection
• Portable O2 analyser with paramagnetic measuring principle
• Analysis of residual oxygen in packaging for volumes down to >= 15 ml
• Application-specific sample probes
• Battery powered
Portable O2 Analyser BA 4510
• Portable O2 analyser with ZrO2 module
• O2 trace analysis
• No calibration gases required
• Internal pump
• 4 - 20 mA, RS232, limits
Gas Analyser for IR-Sensitive Gases and Oxygen BA 5000
• Multi-component analysis
• Maximum NDIR components including O2
• TA Luft
• 13th Federal Immission Control Ordinance approved
• Auto-calibration with air
Oxygen Analyser BA 6000 O2
• O2 analyser with paramagnetic measuring principle
• 19" housing
• Smallest range 0.5 %
• 4 programmable measuring ranges
• Tantalum measuring cell optional for highly corrosive sample gases
NDIR Gas Analyser - Single or Dual Channel Version BA 6000 IR
• Multi-component analysis
• 0-10 vpm CO; 0-5 vpm CO2
• NDIR combined with O2 possible
• 17th Federal Immission Control Ordinance approved
• 4 programmable measuring ranges per channel
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