NOx Converter

In order to protect life and the environment, the emission of nitric oxides must be reduced and monitored. To allow the use of cost-effective analysis methods, e.g. infrared technology for monitoring the NO2 content in the emitted gas, the sample is catalytically converted to NO. This is achieved by using electrically heated small reactors filled with various catalyst materials for different applications. Energy-efficient operation of these NOx converters requires the operating temperature to be as low as possible. This also will prevent CO production. “Long life” reactor cartridges are available to ensure extended operation. The converter series BÜNOx 2+ offers high energy efficiency, converter materials with a high conversion rate, and an optionally integrated bypass valve. The on-board NOxCal service controller provides data for predictive maintenance.

Gas Converter BÜNOx 2+

  • 19” rack mount housing
  • Optional bypass solenoid valves
  • Optional long-life cartridges (extended service life)
  • Low temperatures for high efficiency
  • NOxCal service controller for predictive maintenance
  • Optimised menu navigation
  • Easy cartridge replacement without tools
  • High conversion rate > 97%
  • High NO2 resistance
Sven Mentzel
Internal Sales & Application Manager (AT)