Portable Probe Type Smartline

  • Portable probe and heated line as all-in-one solution for mobile applications
  • Designed for sample measurements
  • Also suitable for control measurements or continuous sampling
  • Self-regulating or temperature-controlled heated
  • Also ideal for service companies
  • Built-in, heated filter element
  • Low weight
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Stack mounting possible
  • Tool-less filter element change
  • Space-saving version for sampling with high moisture content
  • Option: Test gas function option on input end
  • Option: Transport case

In addition to stationary analysers, gas analysis for monitoring emissions also uses portable methods. The actual measuring task determines the complexity of the sampling/analysis units.

Since not all control points are easy to access, operators are interested in suitable and light equipment with a small pack size. Even under this premise, extracting the sample gas must meet high standards to ensure the measurements are reliable.
The Smartline series of portable gas sampling probes features a lightweight, self-regulating or temperature controlled heated sample gas line with built-in particle filter.

Ulrich König
Inside-Sales-Support (AT)

Dr. Claus-Peter Jellen
Head of Internal Sales & Application Management Components for Sample Gas Conditioning (AT)

Natalia Justus
Internal Sales & Application Manager (AT)