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Achema review

Achema review

Bühler Technologies' Analytical Technology business unit has survived the 'corona break' very well and presented its current programme at this year's Achema.

In the three subject areas Off shore/ Marine, H2/O2 and general process technology H2 components programme arranged according to functional groups.

Off shore/ Marine

Large ships in particular use heavy fuel oil as fuel. Their exhaust gases emit a large amount of air pollutants. As doing nothing is not an option against this background, an international agreement has been reached to reduce pollutant emissions by means of suitable measures. The first step was to reduce nitrogen oxides (Nox). Bühler Technologies accompanied this step with a large number of specific gas analysis systems. In the next step, the focus was on sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) by means of exhaust gas scrubbing. Bühler Technologies offers specific components for this purpose. Even stricter pollutant limits have now been agreed internationally. These are forcing the transformation of existing drive systems to other fuels. It remains to be seen which fuel will dominate in the future. What is certain, however, is that the exhaust gases from these new drives will also have to be continuously monitored (e.g. methane slip (CH4) in LNG drives) in order to be able to document compliance with the limit values at all times. Bühler Technologies presented the BA 3 MA - a two-component analyser with maritime approval for S02 and CO2 - as a trade fair innovation for these applications. This means that the company is also well positioned for future requirements at sea.


The focus here is currently on the production of 'green hydrogen'. To ensure the safe operation of the electrolysers, both the H2 and the O2 side must be monitored by gas analysis. Bühler Technologies offers both specific components and complete monitoring systems for this purpose. In close co-operation with the manufacturers of the electrolysers as well as the hydrogen producers, these products will become the basis for future requirements in a further developing hydrogen economy.

Process and environmental technology

Requirements are also increasing in this broad field of gas analysis. Ever-improving analytical methods are making it possible to operate processes more efficiently and reduce environmental pollution with ever smaller measured values. For extractive gas analysis, this means that the entire processing line must become more 'measurement-neutral'. It must be ensured that the moisture that distorts the analysis result is reliably removed, but that the sample gas is not distorted by washout effects. Bühler Technologies presented appropriately adapted or further developed components for this purpose.


In addition to these application-related focal points, Bühler Technologies ventured into the public domain with the further step of digital product support.

Since mid-May, Bühler Technologies sample gas pumps have been regularly supplied with a digital nameplate. This measure is a great relief for pump operators in particular. They no longer have to keep extensive paper documents for maintenance and servicing. All relevant device information can be called up directly on the product via a QR code using a mobile phone or tablet. Bühler Technologies took this step into the future in close collaboration with key users. This enabled the company to benefit from an enormous wealth of experience and avoid any undesirable developments. The digital type plate is now being successively introduced for all Bühler Technologies products.


The numerous discussions showed once again that the energy transition and the resulting transformations as well as the adaptation measures to be expected as a result of climate change will still not be possible without innovative analytics. The atmosphere or any gaseous energy source is always a mixture of different components. Some of them are individually useful or dangerous, depending on their concentration or mixture. With its broad range of components and the expertise gained from several hundred complete extractive systems, Bühler Technologies is well positioned for this future.