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Condition monitoring starts with the filter!

Discover our new IO-Link contamination indicator from the BCI series.

We present our new IO-Link contamination indicator from the BCI series. This supports you 24/7 in the precise monitoring of your filters and enables extremely economical utilisation of line filters in hydraulic systems. The sensor continuously records the filter capacity and is an important component of condition monitoring. Thanks to IO-Link in all versions, the sensor can be easily integrated and parameterised in existing systems. The new contamination sensor not only impresses with its user-friendliness, but also with its ability to optimise service calls and detect maintenance requirements at an early stage. It transforms your industrial filters into intelligent wear sensors that help you keep an eye on the wear in your overall hydraulic system and intervene in good time if the dirt-holding capacity of the filter decreases faster than usual. Compatibility with leading filter manufacturers such as Hydac, Stauff or the Filtration Group also ensures seamless integration of the sensor into existing equipment. Last but not least, the maintenance sensor impresses with its cost-efficient design, which is based on Bühler Technologies' many years of experience in the field of filter monitoring.

In short, the new filter contamination sensor is the perfect addition to Bühler's existing product portfolio in the field of filter monitoring. It impresses with its outstanding price-performance ratio. Equipped with IO-Link technology in every version, it is innovative, networked and predictive - paving your way to greater efficiency in the direction of Industry 4.0.

The new condition monitoring sensor belongs to the so-called BCI series, short for "Bühler Clogging Indicator". The sensors in this series monitor the differential pressure in line filters and generate electrical switching outputs for different degrees of filter clogging. The differential pressure occurs in line filters between the inlet and outlet side of the filter and is generated as a result of particle accumulation via the filter element. Depending on the product variant, the BCI contamination indicators from Bühler offer analogue, programmable switching signals and IO-Link as possible electrical signals. The entire BCI series is compatible with leading filter manufacturers.

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