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New "EcoLine" air-oil coolers from Bühler Technologies

Since years customers are worldwide relying on our oil-air coolers from BLK and BNK series.
Thanks to the extended performance, the extremely robust construction and maintenance-friendly design, they are preferred in a wide variety of harsh applications for cooling oils and lubricants.


Features such as C4 corrosion coating and solid metal structure, as well as multi-voltage electric motors with a full range of approvals characterize our historical oil cooler series. Anyway for many common applications in the market the requirements are lower.

This is the reason that has pushed us to develop the new ELK/ENK series of air-oil cooler with an optimized design for lower-medium cooling segment up to 0.8kW/K.

The new "EcoLine" series is available in six basic variants. The full range offer solutions to match precisely the exigencies of each customer in terms of cooling efficiency and heat load.

Both the housing and the fan optimize the airflow to enables the use of smaller, energy efficient and standardized electric motors in compliance with European approvals. The C3 anti-corrosion coating in black colour is suitable for common industrial environments indoors and outdoors.

Taking into the whole package of oil-air coolers, Bühler Technologies is able to offer an optimal solution for your cooling application with the best price/performance ratio.

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