Portable gas sampling probe

In the field of emission monitoring, but also in other fields of application of gas analysis, it is common to check the function of stationary analysis systems at regular intervals by means of transportable measuring instruments. In addition, there are applications - e.g. exhaust gas monitoring - in which gas analysis is carried out at intervals.

Especially for check measurements - mostly carried out by external monitoring companies – iIt is a necessity that the portable measuring equipment is of high quality, especially for control measurements since they are mostly carried out by external monitoring companies. The purpose of these checks controls is to verify the reliability of the measurement results from the stationary analysis system. Thus, the data measured during these interval checksmeasurements is expected to be as reliable and precise.

To obtain precise test results in these fields of application, it is neccessarynecessary that the measuring equipment is easy and safe to handle as well as light weight, in addition to the already mentioned high quality.

Buehler Technologies - a global supplier of equipment for gas analysis - has a comprehensive programme for portable gas analysis in its portfolio. It consists of a gas sampling probethe „Smart Sample Tube“ gas sampling probe which described with morein more detail below, the „Smartline“, a heated sample gas line with integrated particle filter and the PCS Smart series, a range of sample gas conditioning systems.

The main design criteria for the gas sampling probe - the„Smart Sample Tube“ gas sampling probe were the lowest possible energy requirement consumption combined with the avoidance of cold spots bridges and a high degree of protection against accidental contact for the measuring technicians. The sampling tube, which protrudes protruding into the process stream, is heated internally. The power connection required for this and the controller for controlling the heating are located within an insulating housing made of silicone. The connector for the sample gas line -„Smartline“ sample gas line is also located inside this housing. It is easily accessible through a closable opening on the side of the housing. The sealing cap is inextricably linked to the housing. The dimensions are matched in such a way that the filter housing of the sample gas line directly adjoins the insulating housing of the gas sampling probe. This avoids any cold bridgespots both at the sample gas line and at the end of the external probe end.  At the same time, the insulating housing offers excellent contact protection against contact.

A calibration connection and a fixing bracket with a 2-metre safety chain are optionally available.

The sampling tube is available in lengths of 0.5 m; 1.0 m; 1.5 m and 2.0 m and has an outer diameter of 25 millimetres. The power supply is 115V or 230V AC 50/ 60Hz. The heating capacity depends on the extraction tube length as well asthe supplied power and ranges from 103 to 500 watts. The weight of the „Smart Sample Tube“ is between ranges from approxapprox.imately 2 – 4 kg, depending on the selected variant.


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