Metal Detector BMD

  • 4-20 mA and CAN bus output
  • Use in the main or auxiliary circuit
  • Continuous particle monitoring for detailed analysis of machine conditions
  • Compact, tough housing also suitable for demanding applications
  • G1" process connection
  • Automatic cleaning process

Iron particles in particular are undesired parameters in hydraulic and lubricating systems and can cause considerable system damage, particularly to the gearbox area. The BMD-100 metal detector was designed specifically to monitor ferrous particles in oil. Continuously monitoring the fluid for ferritic particles allows extending the oil change intervals, thus considerably reduce maintenance costs. This makes the BMD-100 metal detector an essential part of your condition monitoring system.

The BMD-100 is a mart sensor and based on the inductive measuring system to properly sort the ferritic particles in the respective fluid. It can distinguish between fine and coarse ferromagnetic particles. It has analog and digital output signals.The BMD-100 features an automatic cleaning process.

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