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Flow meter with increased benefits

In extractive gas analysis, the flow of the sample gas to the analyzer must be monitored. For this purpose, Buhler Technologies, Ratingen, offers a range of flow meters.

The accessories of the S 6 flowmeter series are now enhanced by a retrofittable cover. This cover can also be easily retrofitted to instruments that have already been installed. The transparent and ventilated cover protects the front and both sides of the flow meters and offers reliable protection against unintentional adjustment of the measuring point for devices equipped with a ring initiator. At the same time, the measuring tube is protected against light impacts. The cover is made of corrosion-resistant polycarbonate. It is thermoformed in one piece.

The special product benefits of the S 6 series are fully retained. The measuring tube can still be replaced after removal of the cover without further disassembly of the flow meter.

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Flow Meter SM-6

Flow Meter SM-6