Gas Filtration

Even when the contaminants have been removed at the extraction point through effective particle filtration inside the sample gas probe, there is still a risk of finer dust entering the measuring system.
For this reason effective analysis filters are required, but also for use in stationary or portable sample gas conditioners. These can be in-line filters or panel filters with housings made from various material combinations. Equipped with easy to change filter elements with various retention rates and an adequate filter size they can be used for a wide range of applications.

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Analysefilter AHF-22 für Gas Analyse mit geregelter oder selbstregelnder Heizung
Heated Sample Gas Filter AHF-22
• Heated line filter (self-regulating or controlled)
• Tool-less filter element change
• No thermal bridges
• Calibrating gas and blowback connection optional
Koaleszenzfilter zur entfernung von Aerosolen im Gasstrom
Coalescence Filter K-AGF-PV-30-A
• Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
• Removes aerosols from the gas flow
• Filter housing material: PVDF, glass
• Condensate out connection for automatic condensate drains or hose pumps
Filter für zu analysierendes Messgas mit geringem Totvolumen
Coalescence Filter K-AGF-VA-23
• Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
• Very quick and easy filter replacement without tools
• Low dead volume
• Variable wall-mounting via spacer block
• Connection thread (G3/8) inside filter cover for draining condensate
• Bypass connection inside the filter head (G1/4)
Koaleszenzfilter zur Filterung des Analyse Gases
Coalescence Filter K-AGF-VA-350
• Very quick and easy filter replacement without tools
• Low dead volume
• Variable wall-mounting via mounting bracket
• Option of (autom.) Threaded connection (NPT 1/4") inside filter cover for draining condensate
Filter zum Schutz des Gasanalysators vor Kondensat und Staub
Fine Mesh Filter Water Stop
• Reliable gas analyser protection from condensate and dust
• Compact size
• Oil repellent membrane (stainless steel version)
• Bypass function ready (stainless steel version)
• Easy membrane replacement (stainless steel version)
Filter zum reinigen des Mess gas stroms in der Raumluftüberwachung
Ambient Air Filter RAF-PV-30
• Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
• Filters ambient air
• Tool-less filter element changes
Filter zur Vorbeugung von Sekundärverschmutzung im Mess-Gas-System
Fine Mesh Filter AGF-PV-30
• Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
• Filter housing material: PVDF, glass
• Various filter elements
• Low dead volumes
• Bypass connection for moisture detector
Feinfilter für Einsatz in hochaggressiven Medien zur Vermeidung von Sekundärverschmutzungen
Fine Mesh Filter AGF-T-30
• Filter housing material: PTFE, glass
• Sintered PTFE filter elements
• Use in highly aggressive mediums
• Various filter lengths
Aufbereitungsfilter mit geringem Gewicht zum Einbau
Built-In Filter AGF-FE
• Front panel mounting
• Easy to install
• Quick element change
Aus säurefestem Material zur Reinigung von korrosiven Messgasen
Built-In Filter AGF-FE-4
• Front panel mounting
• Easy to install
• Acid-proof material
Korrosionsbeständiger Aufbau-Filter mit Option zur Integration eines Feuchtefühlers.
Panel Filter AGF-FA-5
• Panel mount installation
• Easy to install
• Easy filter replacement
• Bypass as option for moisture detector
Gas Feinfilter zum Einsatz bei hohem Druck, brennbaren Gasen oder Spurenanalyse
Fine Mesh Filter AGF-VA-23
• Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
• Filter housing material: Stainless steel
• Use for high pressure, flammable gases, or trace measurements
• Low dead volumes
• Bypass connection for moisture detector
Filter zur Vermeidung von Sekundärverschmutzung in Messgassystemen mit sehr hohem Druck
Fine Mesh Filter AGF-VA-350
• Quick and easy filter change
• Stainless steel filter housing
• Low dead volume
• Variable wall-mounting with mounting bracket
• Condensate drain option via filter cover
• Up to 350 bar pressure range
selbstreinigender Gasfilter für Sekundärverschmutzung aus größeren Partikeln
Ad-/Absorption Filter BF2-S
• Cross-flow principle for a long filter life
• Low maintenance
• Filter housing material: Stainless steel
Filter zur Ad- oder Absorbtion von Störkomponenten im Mess-gas-system
Ad-/Absorption Filter ADF-PV-30-L
• Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
• Ad- or absorption of interfering components
• Quick and easy filter material change
Waschflasche WF-AGF-PV-30
Wash bottle WF-AGF-PV-30
• Bühler Unique quick-release fastener
• Quick and easy washing medium changes without tools
• Variable wall mount
• Bubbler optional
Universell einsetzbarer Ammoniak Filter
Housing for Absorption Filters ADF-170 / ADF-300 (Ammonia Filter)
• All-purpose, in various sizes
• Available with high-efficiency NH3 absorber filling
• Up to 38.000 hours life time for NH3 absorber
• Quick and easy maintenance (tool-less)
• Chemical and temperature-resistant materials
• Condensate output optional
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